Thursday, 19 November 2020

Why Don't People Help Another Person


Welcome to the real world and not a fictitious world we see in movies, this is a life where everyone is on his or her own, you have to work harder to get things done and we will check why do people don't help each other?

When i was a little kid, i always think that, with the people that i know and the ones my parents know as well, anything that i intend doing whether getting a good job, actualise some dreams, i have always thought that everything will be hitch-free.

But as times go on, immediately i finished the University degree, and after i was through with the compulsory youth service (NYSC) which was one year. I was already at peace that immediately i was done, i would get a high paying job, because of many influential people my parents know in the society.

As soon as i had finished, i now started handling out my resume to those people that i know to secure me a good job, they collected them and kept them, maybe some even shred them, but i knew the day i gave them the resume, they would just dump them somewhere.

It got to a stage that my parents started calling them to know how far about the resumes handed to them. Some of these influential people were Governors, Deputy Governors, Permanent Secretaries of ministries, Chief Medical Director of a University teaching hospital, Rector of Polytechnic, former members of State House of Assembly, they were many like that. You would not believe to our greatest surprise, they stopped picking our calls and were ignoring our text messages. The message they were sending across was that we couldn't help you, and we were indeed highly disappointed!

One thing they don't know is that, any post God has given someone to hold, it is just for the main time, in a matter of time all will become history and the new friends you make during your tenure will soon leave you, because you no longer have what they want from you. It is then, you will now realize that you have some old friends somewhere. But meanwhile, your old friends will no longer regard you as one of their own, because you let them down when they needed you most.

From my own perspective, i believe someone should work hard to achieve his or her dreams, and do not depend on anyone to help you, but have faith in God, that when the time is right, everything will come as destined. And as well, always pray for God's grace, because grace takes us to places we can never imagine in life, we could just be lucky and it is not that we are better than our mates, but we are just luck!

My advice: No matter the post you hold today, another person will surely sit on it tomorrow. Always render help to the people around you, especially your family members, no matter what your family will never leave you during the bad times and also no one knows tomorrow, and if the person you have helped doesn't reciprocate the kindness back to you, maybe the kindness will be reciprocated to your children or grandchildren later in life or even to your family member, or someone that even bears your name.

May God give us the power and wisdom to be rendering help to the people who are seriously in need our help, and God should always guide us to always think right and do the right things always.

Help someone one today, you never know who would help your children or grandchildren tomorrow!

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