Thursday, 19 November 2020

Why Do People Don't Help Each Other


Welcome to the real world and not a fictitious world we see in movies, this is a life where everyone is on his or her own, you have to work harder to get things done and we will check why do people don't help each other?

When i was a little kid, i always think that, with the people that i know and the ones my parents know as well, anything that i intend doing whether getting a good job, actualise some dreams, i have always thought that everything will be hitch-free.

But as times go on, immediately i finished the University degree, and after i was through with the compulsory youth service (NYSC) which was one year. I was already at peace that immediately i was done, i would get a high paying job, because of many influential people my parents know in the society.

As soon as i had finished, i now started handling out my resume to those people that i know to secure me a good job, they collected them and kept them, maybe some even shred them, but i knew the day i gave them the resume, they would just dump them somewhere.

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