Sunday, 19 April 2020

Covid-19 - How To Maintain Social Distancing To Prevent The Disease


We want to sensitize you on prevention of communicable disease Covid-19 by maintaining social distancing and other precautions you should know during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

Since the advent of deadly Covid-19 virus in China in the December of 2019, many health organizations have been making sensitization on social distancing because the deadly virus is highly communicable and can easily be transferred from one person to the other, another thing about 
Covid-19 is that the person that might have contracted the virus might not actually know because the symptoms don’t come early, so that is the reason why we should take the issue of social distancing very serious.


Social distancing simply means keeping distance between yourself and other people in the space of at least 6 feet (2 meters), especially when you are outside your home or in a public environment.
People should also avoid staying in groups and also avoid a crowded place in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


1.       If you need to move from one place to another, you should avoid public transports like buses or Taxis, because social distancing would be hard to maintain in that kind of scenario.

2.       If you are a working type, you can try and convince your employers, provided you can work at home that it would be best if you stay home and work from there.

3.       Always avoid crowded places like shopping malls, big restaurants, big shops, markets in which social distancing is not maintained at, simple because you might not know who or who is already infected.


Someone who is infected with Covid-19 will not be aware immediately if he or she is infected, it could spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs or even while talking, and by doing all these things it could lead to a scenario when droplets from the person’s mouth or nose are being introduced into the air and possibly land in the mouth or nose of people that are not maintaining social distancing. Whenever droplets like that are inhaled, they travel and find their way into the lungs of the victims and that is where the problem commences.

Research has also said that Covid-19 can live for many hours or days on the surface in which the droplets might have landed on and is now subject to the amount of heat or humidity at that particular time for the virus to survive.

 If someone touches the surface in which the droplets might have been dropped on and mistakenly rubs his face or nose, there could be a problem. That is another reason why people are advised to always wash their hands often and also wear nose masks.

We should also endeavour that we, our family members, friends and colleagues maintain a very strong personal hygiene, whether we go out of our house or not, we should always take time to wash our hands often with soap and a running water precisely; and as well make sure we have alcoholic-based sanitizer with us always in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus.


According to the world statistics on the issue of Covid-19 pandemic, as at today which is 19th of April, 2020. There have been 2, 197, 593 cases of Covid-19 in the world, and also deaths of 153, 090 have so far been recorded. Meanwhile many people have responded to treatment and they are fully cured of the disease.

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We are using this opportunity to appreciate all the medical personnel that have sacrificed greatly in taking care of all the Covid-19 patients during this trying period, and also appreciation goes to all other essential workers like the media, telecommunication, and not forgetting the farmers that ensure that people don’t starve to death during this trying period.

Please let us keep maintaining social distancing, always observe personal hygiene, wash your hands with soap and running every time and as well always user sanitizer.

 Also please stay at home so as to curb the spread of this disease.

May God heal the world!

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