Monday, 6 April 2020

How To Get Government Jobs In Nigeria (2020)


Nigeria is the largest black nation in the whole world, the population of the people there is over
200 million and it is located at the west side of the African continent.
 Now back to how to secure a government job in Nigeria, whether it is a Federal, State or Local Government job in Nigeria, the number of Nigerian people currently unemployed is estimated at 12 million, that’s equivalent to the combined population of Djibouti, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Gambia.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is so high that the government would always advise the young graduates to learn professional trade or get involved in business so as for them to be able to survive and feed their family. And also this has enabled the youth also to delve into doing some unethical dealings like internet fraud etc.


It is not new in Nigeria that before you can get jobs in any of the Nigeria government agencies, you would have to know the right people, you cannot just work into any government offices and tell them that you are in a need of a job, the usual response that you will be given is that the government is not recruiting at the moment, that probably you should submit your CV( Curriculum Vitae) down and anytime the government starts recruiting, you will be called upon.

 If you had to submit your CV down at any of the government agencies, the probability of you being called for interview is very slim and they might not even call you forever.

 For you to get a job there, you need to know a top officer in that particular agency, whether the Permanent Secretary or top Directors in the agency. Another people that can easily help you could be the Ministers at the Federal Level, Senior Special Advisers to the President or the State Governors, National Assembly Members, either the Senators or members of the House of Representatives, Commissioners at the state levels, Local government chairmen at the Local government level and so on.


Another thing that is paramount is that it is only God that determines our altitude in life, you might just be lucky and help could come from anywhere and you would end up getting a
well-paid job in the government agency without knowing anybody, but in this scenario, the probability of getting such is slim.

 What you can also do is to join Nigerian politics, like they say politics is a dirty game and you would have to be very careful in it. If you are a part of the party that has won elections, you have a higher probability of getting a slot for good government jobs, simply because the top government officials are always considerate on the members that help them during the election periods.

 Another thing that can help you is that you should develop yourself and learn a professional skill that will be putting food on your table, there are so many skills you can learn, it could be IT skills, fashion designing, building of houses etc. All you have to consider is that you should indulge in a skill that people always need daily, the more people are in need for it, the more money you will make because people will be looking for you to give them your professional service and advice.

  What I will implore unemployed Nigerian Youths to be doing is that they should be steadfast in whatever they do, give it your all and be hardworking, you may never know who could be watching you and by doing that, any help can just come from somewhere and your dreams will come true.

 You often hear people say that the unemployed graduates should go and start business, and not considering the fact that they will be needing capital for that, and by the way who is ready to lend them some money to kick-start the business?

 From my own experience, nothing can be compared to have your own personal business, it is only through a legit business that you can be extremely rich, if you work for someone or any government agencies, the salary they are giving you can only feed you and allow you to take care of your family, sending your children to schools and pay your daily bills. But if you are into legitimate business, you can be rich like the likes of Bill Gates, Dangote and so on.
 You would be an employer of labour, you will make people to work for you and pay them for their time, you will also use them to build your own future and be a great and highly respected person at the end of the day.

 Always try to be yourself, try to help people that come your way, because you don’t know what the future holds for you. Treat your family members well everyday, because family will always be family and they will hardly abandon you during the time of need.

 And lastly don’t forget you can’t please the whole world, but try as much as possible to touch many peoples life in a positive way.

God bless our dear country Nigeria!   

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