Sunday, 5 April 2020

How To Fix Glo Not Opening Some Blogger Websites (2020)

Glo Not Opening Some Websites Especially Blogger 

Glo network which happens to be one of the biggest in Africa is refusing to open some websites that are made from blogger platform, this has given concerns to website owners whose internet traffic has dropped drastically.
The solution to such problem is now available for those that visit blogger websites, and we are happy to divulge such information to those that have been in dilemma for such problem.

Step 1 To Fix Glo Not Opening Some Websites (Blogger)

For Google chrome browser user you will need to download an addon called “Ultrasurf Security & Privacy and Unblock vpn”, this will change the IP address of your internet to a foreign country and by so doing the website that has been giving you problem to load will load instantly and you will be able to go about your daily activities.
For Mozilla Firefox users, you also will need to download an addon called “anonymo x addon”, by installing such on your browser, it will load any websites that are finding it hard to open on your browser.
For those that use other browsers apart from Mozilla and Chrome, all you have to do is look for a credible VPN that you can download and install into your browser in order to open any websites of your choice.
For the mobile users, more than 60% of people that use internet now use their mobile phones to surf. The solution for this is that you will need to download Operamini on your mobile phones to access all those websites that are not opening on Glo network
I hope I have been able to fix the problem you have, concerning Glo network not opening some websites.
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