Thursday, 19 November 2020

Why Do People Don't Help Each Other


Welcome to the real world and not a fictitious world we see in movies, this is a life where everyone is on his or her own, you have to work harder to get things done and we will check why do people don't help each other?

When i was a little kid, i always think that, with the people that i know and the ones my parents know as well, anything that i intend doing whether getting a good job, actualise some dreams, i have always thought that everything will be hitch-free.

But as times go on, immediately i finished the University degree, and after i was through with the compulsory youth service (NYSC) which was one year. I was already at peace that immediately i was done, i would get a high paying job, because of many influential people my parents know in the society.

As soon as i had finished, i now started handling out my resume to those people that i know to secure me a good job, they collected them and kept them, maybe some even shred them, but i knew the day i gave them the resume, they would just dump them somewhere.

Everything You Need To Know About Free Football Predictions Website (2021)

In this article, we shall be recommending the best free football predictions website that will always give you good money on your betting stakes for a long period so as not to run onto losses.

 Football or soccer betting is becoming so very popular in the world, millions of people have passion for football and they also sacrifice their time to watch it whenever there are match fixtures. Football is popular in all the continents of the world, whether we are talking about Europe, America, Asia, Africa e.t.c

Football fans around the world are increasing day by day, and some can not even miss the game especially when their favourite team is playing, even when they are busy, they will make sure they find time to watch their favourite teams play the beautiful game, they either watch it by visiting their stadium or watch via cable in their various homes.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

10 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Top 10 Richest People In Nigeria

10 Richest People In Nigeria (2020)

In this post, you will get to know the richest people in Nigeria for the year 2020. These ratings are from Forbes. These are the people who have worked hard to attain these positions, and some of them have been on this list for so many years. it means they are actually dedicated and committed to their businesses.

The list of the richest people in Nigeria is below with the business they are into:

1.  Aliko Dangote: He is from the northern part of Nigeria, he was born on 10th April, 1957. He is a successful Nigerian business man and he is the founder and chairman of Dangote group. He attended Al-Azhar University, Cairo in Egypt. He has three daughters. Forbes has estimated his net worth to be $8.1 Billion. This has made him to be the richest person in Africa and also in Nigeria.

2.  Wale Adenuga: He is from the south western part of Nigeria, and he was born on 29th April, 1953. He is also a successful business man and he is the chairman and founder of Globacom which is the second largest Telecom operator in Nigeria. He also deals in oil and gas business and is the chairman of Conoil. He attended north western Oklahoma University in U.S.A.  He has seven children and Forbes has estimated his net worth to be $7.7 Billion. He is referred as the second richest person in Nigeria.

3.  Femi Otedola: He is from the south western part of Nigeria and he was born on 4th November, 1962. He is a successful business man and deals in businesses like shipping, real estate and finance. He was also the former chairman of Forte Oil. He has four children and Forbes has estimated his net worth to be $1.8 Billion, and he is referred as the third richest man in Nigeria.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Five Doubts You Should Clarify About Hidden Secrets Of The Rich About Money (2021)


In this article, you will get to learn the many secrets of the rich people that they don’t want the middle class and the poor to know. Because if you know all these money secrets, who would be serving them? Who would they be sending on errands and who would work in their companies?

Money is very important in life, if there is no money, you can hardly do anything in life, aside good health, I think money is the next thing, because you will always need money to survive, you will have to be feeding, getting shelter, sending your children to schools to get a good education and so many bills to pay.

Like they always say, a man that cannot put food on the table for the family to eat is not man enough, there is a reason why a man is being referred to as the head of the family, he is to provide the basic needs and also take good care of his family.

How Do Rich People Get So Much Money?

Have you ever seen a rich man driving his Rolls Royce Phantom car and sped past you? And you immediately start talking to yourself, that oh my God! When am I going to be as rich as this man? As a normal being we always aspire to be great in life and also to get the best things of life. But the question is – would you be able to work hard and as well sacrifice as the rich people do?

These are the things the rich people do right to attain their very high status:

 1. The rich people are always working daily to amass wealth, they don’t invest in liabilities, but they always buy assets that will keep bringing money into their business accounts. Assets bring money into the rich man’s account while liabilities take money from the accounts of the middle class and the poor people

 2.  The rich people don’t work for money, their money works for them and by that, they employ people to work for them. No matter how long a middle class or the poor work for the rich man’s company, they can’t always afford to buy all the things they desire and most times their expenditures are always higher than the income they make monthly. The middle class and the poor people jump from one bank's loans to another, they also indulge in cooperative societies which will put high interest on the loans they take, so at the end of the day, immediately they liquidate the current loans they have collected, they will still go back to collect another new loan because some bills have to be paid. At the end of the day the cycle continues and they will never be debt-free

3.  The rich people who own big corporations hardly pay taxes, whereas the middle class or the poor people who work in such corporations or the government establishments are automatically taxed before they even get their salaries at the end of the month, it means the tax would have been deducted from their income earnings before the rest is paid to their account every month.

      Government always wave taxes for big corporations  because they are always smart, they do employ smart attorneys that will make sure they get zero tax sometimes, but in the case of the income earners working in such corporations or in government, their taxes will not be waved

 4.  The rich people have perseverance, like they always say, about 95% of businesses don’t make it up to 5 years before they fold up, it is always very hard to survive. If the rich people fail in their businesses, they will still get up and make sure the business becomes a huge success. They don’t mind if they fail up to five times, they have the believe they will surely come back strong and have a successful business.

But when it comes to the middle class or the poor people, they will complain that a certain business is too risky, especially when they fail in the very first time they partake in the business. Some businesses before they later become stable, they would have failed for so many times, all you need is perseverance, patience and never give up. And you should always avoid taking “NO” for an answer. You must always act positively.

5.  The rich people who have actually made in the business would have actually worked for either government or companies before, except those that inherited their family's wealth. As the rich person was working for a private company or government establishment, and he was being paid, he always put a higher percentage of his earnings into his assets and refrain from buying liabilities that will never return value.

      But in the case of a middle class or the poor, what they do is that a high percentage of their income goes into buying expensive cars, expensive wristwatches and going for an expensive vacation, they will be living large and not knowing they are accumulating huge debts on themselves.

After the rich people have invested their money into assets and after a little time of patience, and the assets have started yielding good returns, they will still re-invest substantial amount of their profits into the asset again. And after re-investing, they will now think of buying the expensive cars, watches and going for that expensive vacation, and all these expenses that are being made are just some parts of the profits they made in their assets.


If you intend to be very rich, you will have to have your own companies, in which you will make your money and people to work for you, and also keep investing on assets and do away with liabilities that will not bring profits to you.

But, If you actually want to work first for a private company or government in order to gather some capital to fund your business, it is also a good choice, because it is not everybody that will inherit wealth from their family, when you take your salary at the end of the month, you can be channeling a higher percentage of your salary into assets that will always yield good profits for you in the nearest future and as well make you financially free.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Ramadan 2020: Fasting In The Holy Month

Ramadan 2020: Fasting In The Holy Month

In this post, you will to know all the things that will happen in Ramadan 2020

Ramadan happens to be the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar, it is the month when Qur’an (Islamic Holy Book) was revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and it is also the month in which all the Muslim faithfuls fast for 29 or 30 days.

When does Ramadan actually begin?

Ramadan is set to commence after the crescent moon has been sighted for the ninth month, and when the relevant authorities have confirmed the sighting of the moon as well. It is then those in authorities now tell their followers that Ramadan can begin.

What happens during Ramadan fasting?

During the Ramadan fasting, Muslims are required to abstain from food, sex, masturbation during the daylight hours as a means of being faithful and total submission to their creator.
Fasting happens to be one of the five pillars of Islam aside from declaration of faith, salat( five daily prayers) , Zakat(charity) and the last one is going to Hajj for holy pilgrimage, and that’s for those who can actually afford to go.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims tend to be closer to God by performing all their daily prayers on time, and also reading and discussing the words of God in the holy book Al-Qur’an. And when it is during the evening, there is a special prayer called “Tarawih” which is being performed after the last prayer of the day which is Isha’i

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

7 Stories of Naira Marley Net Worth That Will Inspire You

Naira Marley Net Worth

In this post, you will be getting the information about Naira Marley's net worth and his success in the music industry, his family, and education background.

Naira Marley whose real name is Azeez Fashola, he was born in Agege, Lagos State into the family of Mr & Mrs Fashola, he is popularly known by his stage name "Naira Marley" which he got the name's inspiration from the Jamaican music legend called Bob Marley.


Naira Marley moved to Peckham in England at the age of 11 to further his basic education, he studied at Porlock Hall before he now moved to Walworth school to obtain his General Certificate of Secondary Education, he later graduated with distinction in business from Peckham Academy in England; he still furthered and studied business law at Crossways College in London.

Naira Marley Music Career 

Naira Marley has always been a talented boy right from his childhood, he had always wanted to become an MC (Master of Ceremony) or a voice over artist, but as life would have it, he later became one of the biggest music Nigerian icon. His music is specialised in Afro beat and Hip Hop genre.

Naira Marley is said to have started music professionally in the year 2014, when he was 20 years old, he was supported by friends and family and that made him to release the music track "Marry Juana" and later he also went ahead to release his debut album titled "Gotta Dance" in the year 2015.

Due to his commitment and hard work, his name became popular in Nigerian Music, and he released a single "Issa goal" in 2017, which he featured reigning Nigerian artists at that time, in the likes of Olamide and Lil Kesh, the song "Issa Goal" became popular to the extent that it was adopted as the theme song for the Nigeria's Football National team (Super Eagles) during the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Later, Issa goal remix was released and was used as commercial by the world leading drink maker Coca Cola.

In 2019, he later went ahead and release another album called "Lord of Lamba" which comprises hit tracks like Tingasa, Tesumole and so on.

Monday, 20 April 2020

5 Facts That Nobody Told You About What is 5G Network (2021)


In this article, you will know a lot about the latest network called 5G

5G network is the latest kind of network that is designed to help in connecting many things together including machines, objects and devices. It is designed to deliver higher speeds, massive network capabilities and also promises a great user experience.

5G network happens to be the next generation of mobile broadband which is set to augment and aid the existing 4G LTE network, with this latest 5G network, users will be able to experience great upload speed and faster download speed from the internet without any hindrances. Research has stated that the average speed of 1GBPS is to be expected depending on the location, many of these networks are already linking alongside existing 3G and 4G LTE technology, in order to provide a stable network wherever you happens to find yourself.

Previous generations of network before the 5G

There are great differences between the previous networks and the newly introduced 5G network. The previous generation networks are 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Let us take a look on all the previous networks and their dates of introduction.

1G first generation mobile network
In the year 1980, the first generation delivered analog voice.

2G, second generation network
In the year 1990, second generation introduced CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)

3G, third generation network
In the year 2000, third generation brought data (e.g. CDMA 2000)

4G LTE, fourth generation network
In the year 2010, fourth generation network or LTE brought in the mobile broadband.

All the older generation networks led to the development of the new 5G network which will therefore provide a faster and efficient connection to the internet and thereby making our day to day activities easier to accomplish.

Advantages of 5G network over the existing 4G LTE network

-          Self-driving cars and smart cities will work efficiently because of higher speed 5G network will provide

Sunday, 19 April 2020

This Week's Top Stories About How To Maintain Social Distancing To Prevent Covid-19


We want to sensitize you on prevention of communicable disease Covid-19 by maintaining social distancing and other precautions you should know during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

Since the advent of deadly Covid-19 virus in China in the December of 2019, many health organizations have been making sensitization on social distancing because the deadly virus is highly communicable and can easily be transferred from one person to the other, another thing about 
Covid-19 is that the person that might have contracted the virus might not actually know because the symptoms don’t come early, so that is the reason why we should take the issue of social distancing very serious.


Social distancing simply means keeping distance between yourself and other people in the space of at least 6 feet (2 meters), especially when you are outside your home or in a public environment.
People should also avoid staying in groups and also avoid a crowded place in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Everything You Need to Know About 9 Quick Ways To Make Money Online (2021)


In this article, you will learn 9 different quick ways to make money online in Nigeria 2020.

Making money online is one of the easiest thing to do if you are committed. Internet is a global village which encapsulates a lot of great things, as you surf the internet you can as well make huge money and be able to pay your bills with ease, most people just waste reasonable amount of their time surfing the internet for fun and not using the opportunity to make some money for themselves, because there are vast opportunities there.
You can as well surf the internet to look for knowledge and gain some nice skills, and after that make some money for yourself as well, so at the end of the day it would be a win-win situation for you, that is to say you can use one stone to kill two birds at a time.


      Start a Blog:

      Starting a blog for the first time doesn’t take much of your dear time at all and before you know it the website is already up and live on the internet in which so many people  sitting comfortably in their homes  can get access to your website.  There are many great niches and topics that you can be dealing with, and by so doing, you will be giving so many useful information. One of the main reasons why people use the internet is that some of them have a problem and they want solution to it with immediate effect. There are many platforms in which your website can use, it could be either Blogger which is owned by Google or via Wordpress, both platforms are good to start with and before you know it, you will become so popular and great opportunities will start flowing in. After the blog has been set up and you have posted many topics on it, and people have started coming over to read your posts, you can now go ahead and apply for Google AdSense in which Google will be displaying advertisers’ information and markets on your blog. After you have applied and have been approved, you can be making up to $1000 dollars in a month from your blog via the huge traffic that comes to your blog and also clicks that your visitors make on the advertisements being displayed on your blog.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Ethnic Groups In Nigeria

Ethnic Groups In Nigeria

Nigeria is a great country with several ethnic groups, different religion backgrounds, because of their diverse culture, they are able to harbor and accommodate themselves. Nigerian people are always hardworking and try as much as possible not to rely on anyone to make a living themselves. They engage in farming, trade and other businesses that will allow them to put food on their tables. They are also known as great travelers, they can move far and wide from one zone to another, settle down and be plying their trade.

How To Get Government Jobs In Nigeria (2020)


Nigeria is the largest black nation in the whole world, the population of the people there is over
200 million and it is located at the west side of the African continent.
 Now back to how to secure a government job in Nigeria, whether it is a Federal, State or Local Government job in Nigeria, the number of Nigerian people currently unemployed is estimated at 12 million, that’s equivalent to the combined population of Djibouti, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Gambia.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is so high that the government would always advise the young graduates to learn professional trade or get involved in business so as for them to be able to survive and feed their family. And also this has enabled the youth also to delve into doing some unethical dealings like internet fraud etc.


Infinix Note 7 & Note 7 Lite Phones Set to Launch (2020)

Infinix Note 7


Infinix Note 7 runs on a MediaTek Helio G70 chipset with octa-core processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage. It has a 6.95-inch 1640x720px LCD with a 16MP selfie camera.

Infinix Note 7 Lite

How To Borrow Airtime And Data From Mtn Nigeria (2020)


There are some situations we may find ourselves sometimes, maybe we are on a long journey or have travelled to a remote place in which there is mobile network but no place in which you can easily get a recharge to put on your line to make calls and subscribe for internet subscription.
That is the reason why I want our esteemed readers to know the methods and codes that are being used to borrow credit and data from our mobile network.
We shall be dealing with MTN Nigeria here, for you to be eligible, the following conditions must be met:
  •          Must be a prepaid customer and the phone number must be fully registered on MTN network
  •          The customer must have been on the MTN network for more than 3 months
  •          And also must have spent N200 monthly for 3 months.

Funke Akindele Arrested For Violating Covid-19 Lockdown Rules

Funke Akindele, a popular Nollywood has been arrested for Violating Covid-19 lockdown rules

Funke Akindele, the popular Nollywood star has been arrested on Sunday evening by the Lagos State Police Command for violating the lockdown rule which has been imposed on the Lagos State Residents. It was the birthday party of Funke Akindele’s husband Abdulrasheed Bello that they were celebrating in their Amen Estate home on Saturday in Lagos.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

How To Fix Glo Not Opening Some Blogger Websites (2020)

Glo Not Opening Some Websites Especially Blogger 

Glo network which happens to be one of the biggest in Africa is refusing to open some websites that are made from blogger platform, this has given concerns to website owners whose internet traffic has dropped drastically.
The solution to such problem is now available for those that visit blogger websites, and we are happy to divulge such information to those that have been in dilemma for such problem.